Since traveling to India in the winter of 2010, I had the urge to embark on another adventurous trip, this time it was to Central America. And similar to my India travels, I took my backpack and sixteen days to travel by plane, bus and boat through some of the most beautiful places in Guatemala, Belize and Caye Caulker.

My first stop was Guatemala, a country once inhabited by a former Mayan civilization with lush forest landscape, winding roads and kind people. Within the highlands of Guatemala I visited San Pedro, Lake Atitlan a place that is considered a hippie’s oasis for its laid back atmosphere and chilled out lifestyle. The lake is the deepest in Central America, measuring approximately 60 square kilometers with a depth of 340 metres,  surrounded by three volcanoes on its southern end.   My group decided to make the 7 hour, 3,000 meter high hike up to the top of the inactive San Pedro volcano.  The view from atop was breath taking with a panoramic view of the entire lake and all the surrounding towns.

Situated on the northeastern coast of Central America was the next stop, Belize.  At first, it felt very much like I was visiting Jamaica, and from what I learned, it is because Belize shares a similar history to Jamaica as being part of the British Empire.  Known for its diverse society, with many cultures and languages of English, Creole and Spanish.

The final stop and the most incredible part of the sixteen day trip was visiting Caye Caulker island to explore the limestone coral and underwater creatures.  My full day snorkeling tour took a small group of us by sailboat to three different spots off the coast in the Caribbean Sea.

For the first time in my life I experienced swimming with a school of Nursing Sharks,  Stingrays, and an Atlantic Green Turtle a truly amazing once in a lifetime experience.
For anyone considering taking the trip to Central America I would highly recommend it.




Look Up!

As we walk through the city streets, head down, eyes focused on our “smart” phones, scrolling through a friend’s latest posts and reading about why they like almonds so much,  we tend to miss out on the beauty of what surrounds us.

This series of photos was taken on a double decker city bus tour through the city of Toronto.  The colour of the sky that day was somewhat haunting and made for a beautiful backdrop.

My one suggestion, when you have a moment… look up!

Inspiration India

In December of 2010, I made my first trip over the North Atlantic to visit India.

My sixteen day trip began in the bustling city of New Delhi then continued on towards Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Mumbai and Goa.

From the northern province of Rajasthan to the southern province of Karnataka, the culture, people, temples, and vibrant colours of India are a photographers dream for capturing beautiful and breath taking photographs.

For the musician in me, I was inspired to create a beat after a tabla player I met showed me how to play the 11th beat or Champak Sawari  rhythm which I still need to master.

Eric Petersen/ Less is More

Eric Petersen is an award-winning Canadian designer of luxury jewellery and accessories.

I remember the first time I seeing an Eric Petersen design.  It was being showcased in the main Harbourfront building in Toronto, Ontario.  For 30 minutes I stood in front of the display case, pressing my face up against the glass trying to get a closer look at the detail in his work, I was impressed.

In fact, I was so impressed that I had to contact him, even if only to chat by email to understand his process for designing and where he gets his inspiration to create new art pieces.

After corresponding through a couple of emails we found that we shared quite a few things in common; our philosophies on life, work ethic, similar music taste and our love for design.

From there, it was only natural that we worked together on a project in our own respective fields. When we first met, it was as though we already knew each other for a long time, sharing stories of how we find inspiration through books we’ve read, the people we collaborate with and simply through our imagination.

As we drove through different neighbourhoods in his native city of Scarborough, scouting for filming locations,  I could see and hear a sense of pride as he told stories of his upbringing in Scarborough. He truly loves his city and I can now see that it is a source to his inspiration.

For more information on Eric Petersen, visit his webpage & socials for more product details and inspiration: http://www.ericpetersenhandbags.com/

The Influence of Time

Time is considered to be one of the most important concepts to man. From the genius of Galileo Galilei and Albert Einstein to Beethoven and Salvador Dalí, their work was directly influenced by the concept of time.

In our day-to-day lives we are, of course, also influenced by time. Whether squeezing in a few extra minutes of morning sleep before heading to work, waiting impatiently for the bus or traffic light to change or exchanging drawn out small talk while sharing an elevator with an awkward coworker to the top floor.

With the thought of time and our concept of it, I created a short film with visuals that manipulate our ordinary view of time, in this case I used a clock.

Lost and Forgotten

Halifax, Nova Scotia, located on the eastern sea shores of Canada is a beautiful and friendly city which offers any seafood lover an ample selection of fresh locally caught lobster, crab, shrimps, scallops, mussels, and clams.

For me, the most memorable part of my Halifax trip and something that I wish was discussed more in our Canadian history education system is the small black community that once stood on the southern shore of the Bedford Basin, Africville. This was a community whose roots can be traced back to the mid 1700s and the historic Underground Railroad, an important symbol of African identity and the struggle against racism.

After a major fire in 1947 burnt several houses down, the topic of relocating Africville’s people was the government’s main focus, instead of rebuilding the homes in their community.

Africville is now an industrial area and off leash dog park..



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